Thursday, 14 October 2010

Storm the Castle - A worthwhile freebie quest

Thought I'd share another freebie resource we've used for a while.  It comes as a download which you make up.  Here's the blurb about the game:

Players pretend to be medieval soldiers attacking a castle.  They must cross a field and a bridge using math skills: finding the difference between two numbers, finding coordinates on a grid, finding ways to combine single digit numbers to get teen numbers, and solving simple word problems. 

This game is cooperative, with the competition being against the enemy inside the castle, who continually catapults the soldiers with large rocks they must avoid.  There is plenty of room for imagination and fun while using math skills!   As soon as all the soldiers make it inside the castle, they are allowed to carry off loot (candies or other small treats that were placed inside before the game started).  Providing an edible treat as a reward usually works wonders to motivate kids to finish their tasks!

Both the boys really enjoy playing this, normally I play the enemy inside the castle whilst they co-operatively defeat me, claiming their sweet rewards at the end of a few games.  One to try :)

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