Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Mad About Maths - Math games combo

Another helping of maths today :)  We bought this a while back of Amazon, and have slowly been devouring the games included.  If you're looking for more games to play based around cards, dominoes and the included boards, then this is a great addition to your maths resources.

It includes 12 pages of games and puzzles ready to use, this is a very colourful book and has games for different abilities.  The front gives a suggested 7-11 age range, (it supports Key Stage 2 learning) but one of the games so far has our 4yo captivated.  For us, games are the way to go for maths and it's led to both our boys wanting more :)  

Title: Mathmatical Games (Mad About Maths)
Authors: Adrian Pinel and Jeni Pinel
ISBN: 1905339186
Author Website: Not Found 

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