Thursday, 14 October 2010

Where does time go?! A ramble, an Ode to a parent and educator

We all know the saying, time flies when you're having fun...but seriously...where does the time go?!!?!?  In the blink of an eye time has past without us marking it....who knew when we started on our home ed journey that it would go so quick?!  I'm so glad we took the step though...watching your children grow up, and helping them learn is an extension of watching them walk and learn to talk.

Growth can be marked in many ways, how mature they are as children, and how well they go on maturing as we help ease them into the teenage years towards adulthood and beyond.  I always knew our eldest was tall....but now I wish I'd done the customary marking of the door frame with him, to show him just how much he's's never too late to start though!!!! At least I can still do it for the youngest :)  Hmmm...wonder if DS1 will outgrow the door frame before he's a teen though!!

Vicky in her blog High on Homeschool has a great article there on how to help Build a Child Up which is something I'll be doing more of.

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