Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Maths and Puzzle story book - Find Anthony Ant

Most of our story books are dual purpose, and this one exceeds our expectations of a story book.

Similar to the Where's Wally series of books, your mission is to Find Anthony Ant amongst the ant colony which is a maze at the bottom part of the page.
'The Ants marched two by two' and 'three by three', and so on, is at the start of each maze, alongside the equivalent number.  Three options in rhyme are then given as to where, or what, you may find Anthony Ant doing, before the reader is asked to Find Anthony Ant, so ideal for younger participants who may find older versions too hard.

This one has our 4yo studying the pages before gleefully shouting out he's found him.  Comparison skills as well as observation skills are built on.  A great maths story book :)

Title: Find Anthony Ant
Author: Lorna Philpot
ISBN: 1905417063
Website for author - not found

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  1. Looks like a cute book :-). Thanks for stopping by my blog & commenting. I'm sure the author would love for you to leave feedback on your blog as well. Enjoy the books!