Thursday, 7 October 2010

Uno - Colours, Numbers and a card game for all :)

One of our all time favorite card games is Uno.  It has to be the best card game we've bought to date, and definitely the most used, it's one we all come back to time and time again!

For 2 or more players, 7 cards each and 1 turned over to start.  The first one to get rid of all their cards wins :)  Don't forget to say Uno on your last card, or you pick up can place cards down to follow the colour or number previously the pick up 2s and pick up 4s though!  Our 4 year old can often been heard squealing with laughter as he hammers his brother with picking up another 4 and then 2 cards ;o)

Not only can it be a fast paced game, it also help teach our 4 year old his colours and number recognition effortlessly, so a real gem of a game, and one worth having in your games cupboard :) Uno Extreme is next on our games wish list :)

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