Monday, 4 October 2010

A RAF pilot's story during World War II - Tail End Charlie

This ties in really well with the previous blog post for Nancy Wake and the Second World War.

Written by Mick Manning, this is an account from the memories of his father, who served in the RAF and was an airgunner during the Second World War.  It is semi comic style in presentation, which went down really well with our 8 year old again, he loves his comics!  It also has replicas of rations books, adverts and stamps from the time within the pages whilst it's telling the story, a great touch, and another avenue to explore, with more interest shown!

The book launches into how Charlie got into the RAF, the training involved at the time, and also mentions several types of aircraft in use during the war (enough to keep any boy happy and interested, as well as stir curiosity!!).  It also brings to life how life was like facing enemy bombers and completing night ops.

A fascinating read, and one which has opened up another avenue of living history for us :)  From this, we are going to explore the Battle of Britain and the different aircraft at that time, as well as rationing.

Title: Tail-End Charlie
Authors: Mick Manning and Brita Granstrom
ISBN: 9781847800756
Author Website:

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