Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Halloween Game - Magic Cauldron, Numbers Made Fun

Halloween is fast approaching, for our game journey today we played the Orchard Toys Magic Cauldron Maths Game which was very easy to play.

The object of the game being to fill your cauldron with 'spells' (the answers to maths sums).  Players pick a number from pile, and then finds the sum which equates to the number picked from the pile.

This one will be coming out of the cupboard a lot more now our youngest recognizes his numbers, a really fun way to help him with his basic maths.  Sums include addition, multiplication and subtraction.  On the reverse of each sum is the answer, which when rubbed, reveals itself so the player can match the number they picked from the pile, to the sum, helping to consolidate what has already been learnt.  Younger children can also use this just by matching the numbers, they don't need to have a grasp of the maths sums to play, which is fantastic for families who often can't play a game because it isn't flexible enough for everyone.

A recommended treat, which the boys enjoyed and have also played with friends by themselves, albeit with their own interpretation of the rules ;p

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