Sunday, 3 October 2010

Big Brainz Timez Attack Multiplication Game

There's plenty of maths and multiplication games out there....but have you found one which the children ask to go on again and again??  Where the graphics are mind blowing, in league with any console game out there...and the children want to come back for more, and are ***learning*** not just playing for entertainment?!

Big Brainz offers a fantastic multiplication game which is rivaled by no one (to date that we've found).  Whilst our children aren't on the pc 24/7, if they want Maths, it's Big Brainz they ask for, and enjoy playing.

The idea is to complete multiplication puzzles under a time limit to defeat the 'ogres' and eventually progress up levels, with fantastic scenery along the way.  It really does have a class all by it's own.  If you haven't tried it, they have a free version, as well as a class room version and paid version.  Check it out here -

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